Syrian chemical weapons rockets traced to US prototype?

SULFAE munitions bear uncanny resemblance to those used by the Syrian regime.I honestly cannot add anything more to the detailed forensic analysis of Brown Moses in his Smoking Gun post and N.R. Jenzen-Jones in his Falaq-2 CW connection. Inspired by the sheer amount of conspiracy theorists who are refusing to believe what the videos show, i set about looking in a different direction. You never know, …Read More

USA risks mission creep in Syria chemical weapons strike

Night vision shot of a cruise missile launched during the Libya 2011 campaign  Analysts seem to agree that the forthcoming strikes against the Syrian regime will not bring about its downfall or seriously cripple its abilities: They are rather meant as punitive action for its ¬†use of chemical weapons. The campaign seems to be modelled along the 1998 Desert Fox operation, a major 4-day bombing run against …Read More

Syrian regime using domestic versions of Iran’s Fateh-110 missiles

TishreenThis is a new video which supposedly shows the launch of a Maysaloon-type missile. The Maysaloon is the Syrian version of Iranian Zelzal and North Korean No-Dong 1 missiles. In this case, however, i believe this to be a Tishreen, a domestic copy of the Iranian Fateh-110 missile. Below is a photo of Maysaloon-type missile …Read More

False rebel claims in Damascus reveal accidental Iran Air Force sighting

Boeing747The past few days saw the reemergence of claims and counterclaims about Damascus International Airport: The rebels say they downed an “Iranian” passenger jet laden with military supplies causing the jet to go down in flames and shut the airport down. The Syrian government, on the other hand, denies such event took place and claims …Read More

Skeletons of Iran-Contra Affair might reappear in Syria

Markings listing the round was made in March 1977.M47 Dragon Anti-Tank systems have apparently found their way into Syria, a pretty unconventional sighting by most standards. Blogger Brown Moses has already wrote in detail about it. “With a history of use in Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Jordan, as well as the US, it leaves the question of the source wide open, but hopefully …Read More

Aleppo International Airport VS Syrian People: Not Guilty

L-39s Albatross based in Deir Hafir AirfieldNow that we have established that jets pounding Aleppo are not MiGs but rather L-39s, another confusing topic is where are those jets taking off from? The prevalent “truth” seems to be Aleppo International Airport where rebels and media alike believe it to be the staging point. A quick look on Google Maps, however, proves …Read More