Al-Arabiya TV: Manufacturing Consent?

BBC News Timeline Featuring Same PhotoSo Pan-Arab TVs do it again at the expense of professionalism and accuracy: In its article commemorating the 30th anniversary of Syria’s Hama Massacre, Al-Arabiya TV has been marketing this photo from the 1982 Lebanon Sabra and Shatila massacre as one from the beleaguered city of Hama. This is a poor excuse for journalism, i …Read More

Walid Abboud: Unwitting star of MTV smackdown

Abboud frightened, cries for mommyTwitter’s @Elsyak termed it a “smackdown”. Much has been said and written about the fight between former MP Mustafa Allouch and Baath Party official Fayez Shokr (Here for factual report, here for translation and here for a top 5 reax roundup). Had Alloush been let loose, @Elsyak’s description would have been an understatement, for i was …Read More

My Arabic take on Pink Floyd’s “The Gunner’s Dream” dedicated to Syria’s protestors

شاردا، هائما على وجهي، أ طفو على غيم لبني، تحضرني ذكريات حياة مضت في حلم أتاني على أرض غريبة. وداعا أبي، إلى اللقاء يا أمي رمادي شعرك يلمع تحت شمس تشرين و أنت تتمشين الهوينا على صدى الأجراس و صدح المآذن. تذرف عينك لؤلؤة حارقة، فأسرع وراءك لئاتالقافها ثم أمسك بيدك الخمسينية، أ عصرها بلطف، …Read More