ISIS selling Christian women ‘as slaves’: A hoax

Al-Alam TV says those are ISIS women slaves taken to be sold at a local market in Iraq.  So now Al-Alam TV is using  and mislabeling Reuters photos to paint ISIS red. The spokesman of the Iraqi Red Crescent and Iranian Al-Alam TV have been claiming that ISIS is selling captive Christian and Yazidi women as slaves. Though a bit of an outlandish claim, it is still somewhat believable. So believable that photos …Read More

Syrian chemical weapons rockets traced to US prototype?

SULFAE munitions bear uncanny resemblance to those used by the Syrian regime.I honestly cannot add anything more to the detailed forensic analysis of Brown Moses in his Smoking Gun post and N.R. Jenzen-Jones in his Falaq-2 CW connection. Inspired by the sheer amount of conspiracy theorists who are refusing to believe what the videos show, i set about looking in a different direction. You never know, …Read More

USA risks mission creep in Syria chemical weapons strike

Night vision shot of a cruise missile launched during the Libya 2011 campaign  Analysts seem to agree that the forthcoming strikes against the Syrian regime will not bring about its downfall or seriously cripple its abilities: They are rather meant as punitive action for its  use of chemical weapons. The campaign seems to be modelled along the 1998 Desert Fox operation, a major 4-day bombing run against …Read More

A Lame Duck: Syrian State Media Hoaxed

A few days ago, a Syrian revolution activist wrote a satirical, The-Onion-style hoax report to take the mickey out of the regime’s rhetoric. It ended up completely fooling state-owned and pro-regime media. He posted it originally on a pro-regime Facebook page, which then circulated  in more than two dozen websites finally to be quoted by …Read More

Saad Hariri must first prove worthy of parliament majority

Get your acts together!Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri took to Twitter in the past few days to answer questions from the public, causing a media frenzy. One of the most controversial tweets was his promise not to renew the tenure of Speaker Nabhi Berri should the 14 March coalition win the 2013 elections. “Hariri has revealed in his electronic …Read More

NATO: How to lose Tripolitans and alienate them

Hand of FateLibyan leader Mu’ammar Al-Gaddafi literally celebrated his 69th birthday with a bang. On 7 June, NATO pounded Tripoli in the fiercest bombing day (and night) since its campaign started on 19 March. But how were yesterday’s strikes particularly counterproductive? In my opinion, NATO delivered Gaddafi a much-needed respite from the increasing pressure, sort of like a …Read More