Walid Abboud: Unwitting star of MTV smackdown

Abboud frightened, cries for mommyTwitter’s @Elsyak termed it a “smackdown”. Much has been said and written about the fight between former MP Mustafa Allouch and Baath Party official Fayez Shokr (Here for factual report, here for translation and here for a top 5 reax roundup). Had Alloush been let loose, @Elsyak’s description would have been an understatement, for i was …Read More

Saad Hariri must first prove worthy of parliament majority

Get your acts together!Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri took to Twitter in the past few days to answer questions from the public, causing a media frenzy. One of the most controversial tweets was his promise not to renew the tenure of Speaker Nabhi Berri should the 14 March coalition win the 2013 elections. “Hariri has revealed in his electronic …Read More

Shocking News: Hezbollah points fingers at Israel

Something... something... sim card... something... card...W’iam Wahhab explaining how Israel manipulates Lebanese Telecom Data… Go Figure There is no doubt that Israel is monitoring Lebanon’s width and breadth. It is spying on anyone and everyone. It has no issues whatsoever hacking into our telecom and internet systems and tapping into our every word. And moreover, we are helping Israel do …Read More