Syrian regime using domestic versions of Iran’s Fateh-110 missiles

This is a new video which supposedly shows the launch of a Maysaloon-type missile. The Maysaloon is the Syrian version of Iranian Zelzal and North Korean No-Dong 1 missiles. In this case, however, i believe this to be a Tishreen, a domestic copy of the Iranian Fateh-110 missile.

Below is a photo of Maysaloon-type missile on its launch truck


Notice the smoothness of its surface.

Now another photo of the missile in the video. Notice the upper fins as well as the different launch vehicle.


Compare this to the actual photo of a Syrian Tishreen missile…

Tishreen missile

And we’ve got a match! Not only with the fins, but the launch vehicle is the same as well.
It’s definitely a Fateh-110 AKA Tishreen.

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