Walid Abboud: Unwitting star of MTV smackdown

Twitter’s @Elsyak termed it a “smackdown”. Much has been said and written about the fight between former MP Mustafa Allouch and Baath Party official Fayez Shokr (Here for factual report, here for translation and here for a top 5 reax roundup). Had Alloush been let loose, @Elsyak’s description would have been an understatement, for i was told he is a Kickboxing black-belt recipient and had been a top-seed champion in his days.

But with the focus being the actual fight, the reaction of Walid Abboud, the show’s host, has been largely overlooked. I promise you, replay the footage and concentrate on Abboud’s face. The man looked like a 7-year-old boy watching the original Friday the 13th movie for the first time ever, and soiling his pants at the same time. Priceless!!

Abboud watching... Knows something about to happen

Jason from Friday the 13th appears in 3D

Initial reaction: Abboud is startled

Abboud frightened, cries for mommy

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