IL Divo: Guma Gamaty does it again

GamatyOn 2 June 2011, i argued my case against Guma al-Gamaty, the National Transitional Council’s coordinator in the UK. My case was built on his twitter feed and argued that Gamaty was too much of a liability due to his infantile tweets and inability to keep a secret. Now he adds inflammatory comments and condescending behaviour …Read More

Sayf Gaddafi needs your bank account

Sayf Gaddafi: Captured in Southern Libya on 19 November. Documents prove that Sayf was the mastermind behind the regime's forceful clampdown against protesters in Benghazi.Libya is the new Iraq in terms of business deals. Watch those contracts flowing.  Even Nigerian 419 scammers are looking to invest into Gaddafi’s fall. The following is a template i wrote. I’ll consider it my way of helping small upstart businesses. ————————————————- Greetings, I am Dr Sayf-al-Islam Gaddafi, son of embattled popular Libyan leader …Read More

“I tapped that ass first,” says dog who beat Libyan rebels to screwing Gaddafi’s progeny

Alright, so this is another video from Hannibal Gaddafi’s personal library. It shows him behind the camera, filming his Lebanese wife Aline Skaf, his son (Gaddafi’s grandson) and their dog. I’ll let it do the talking but i’ll translate the description text first since it was quite hilarious. It pretty much sums up the video. …Read More